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We support you by analyzing in depth electrical/pneumatic/hydraulic diagrams, safety software, documentation relating to correct wiring methods and component reliability data for all types of products (both planned and existing) where the concept of safety must be introduced functional and relevant standards, and in particular for machines, partly completed machines, industrial systems, plants, in order to evaluate and validate with a specific verification and calculation report the reliability of the system according to the main harmonized standards of the sector (e.g. EN 13849 relating to the PL (Performance Level) and EN ISO 61508/61511/62061 relating to the SIL (Safety Integrity Level)).

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Same results, different paths

Designing the security of a system includes, among other things, evaluating the degree of reliability of what in technical jargon is called the “safety chain” responsible for managing the system. Similar results in terms of system reliability can be achieved through different configurations of these chains, with variable costs and complexity.

We are at your side to identify the most effective but less complex and less expensive configurations to implement, thanks also to our decades of experience in the field of industrial automation.


LOTO Management Implementation

The analysis: As part of a project of one of our customers, a multinational company with several factories in Italy, aimed at implementing the procedures