The analysis:

One of our most important customers, SAMMI S.r.l., leader in the design, production and commissioning of tailor-made solutions for the mechanical handling of industrial solid bulk materials (bulk material handling), which has been commissioned a new storage, crushing and transfer plant of petcoke by sea as part of a considerable international project concerning the upgrade of a refinery in Croatia, requested the support of RZ Solution S.r.l. to carry out the correct CE marking process of the group of machines supplied, both from the point of view of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and from the point of view of the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU, starting from the design (regulatory analyzing mechanical, electrical parts and control systems related to safety).

The solutions

RZ Solution S.r.l. supported the manufacturer in all phases of the CE marking process, using its regulatory and technical experience to provide practical solutions to the problems that arose from time to time during the design, in order to achieve both regulatory compliance and operational usability of the machine. The support also extended to the choice of components suitable for carrying out the identified safety functions, as well as the validation of these choices by means of specific reports.

The results

The manufacturer’s CE marking process has been developed in an organic and orderly manner, maintaining a written record of the technical choices made in the field of safety during the design phase, a trace which can always be recovered without effort for any future need.

This outline was also useful for being able to communicate with the national bodies responsible during the authorization phase of the project by them, an activity in which RZ Solution supported the manufacturer in order to provide timely responses to the authorities.