LOTO Management Implementation

The analysis:

As part of a project of one of our customers, a multinational company with several factories in Italy, aimed at implementing the procedures commonly known by the acronym LOTO (Lock Out-Tag Out) in all their Italian plants, RZ Solution was involved for the analysis and identification of the plant adjustments to be made, for their implementation and finally for the preparation of the necessary documents.

The solutions

The machines covered by the activity were analyzed by expert technicians from RZ Solution, the missing devices for each machine were identified and mapped for their subsequent implementation.

A supplier was then identified, in full agreement with the customer, for the plant implementation of what was necessary, who operated under the coordination of RZ Solution and therefore adapted the machines involved in the activity.

Finally, following the adaptation activity, RZ Solution prepared LOTO procedures, specific for each machine, for training and subsequent application by all operators.

The results

The project allowed the customer to gain effective support for the implementation of a new way of managing maintenance safely through LOTO procedures, with a partner like RZ Solution to whom the management of the adaptation process can be delegated from the beginning ( phase of analysis and highlighting of the necessary adjustments) at the end (implementation of the adjustments), effectively with a “turnkey” service.

Furthermore, the natural closing of the circle of a change management process should not be forgotten, i.e. the consequent activity of preparing useful procedures both for training staff on the new features introduced and for providing continuous support to them during normal activities of maintenance.