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How can we help you?

To ensure that you can safely use the existing equipment in your company, we offer you our work equipment risk assessment service according to the requirements of Directive 2009/104/EU (in particular for Italy the requirements present in of Annex V Legislative Decree 81/08 for equipment that doese not have the CE marking, or assessment of obvious risks in accordance with art. 71 of Legislative Decree 81/08 for equipment with the CE marking), including the indication of any adjustments necessary to comply with the applicable safety requirements and, when requested/necessary, the release of the declaration of compliance with Annex V signed by us.

To help you fulfill many of the requirements relating to the specific risks required by Legislative Decree 81/08 (e.g. ATEX, confined spaces, electrical risk, fire, noise, vibration, chemical risk, etc.), we are able to create, also through our network of collaborators, the necessary specific risk assessment documents, in-depth and adapted to the requesting company size.

In case you are thinking of designing or already have special projects underway in the HSE field (implementation of new technologies, involvement of operators, growth of the company safety culture, etc.), we offer dedicated project management services for the implementation and management of such projects.

Why choose us?

Safety is a difficult profession that is not enough valued

Everyone talks about it, few practice it: corporate safety has been a delicate issue for a long time which is often discussed even heatedly within organisations. Our concrete approach for the application of the multiple regulatory requests in the various fields, deriving primarily from our decades of technical experience gained in the field in addition to the in-depth study of the regulations, allows us to come at technical documents that are usable, effective and truly applicable in reality companies of our customers.

Work beyond the “document”

By working closely with our customers we have created deep collaborative relationships that allow us to be involved very often in new and contiguous areas to the main activity carried out, in which we carry out continuous “problem solving” aimed at finding solutions that allow our client to grow and improve their company.


LOTO Management Implementation

The analysis: As part of a project of one of our customers, a multinational company with several factories in Italy, aimed at implementing the procedures