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In the event of accidents at work, regardless of their severity, it is important to have consultants at your side who guarantee seriousness, transparency and competence, for the management of the delicate phases of the trial. The experience gained in various fields (glass, paper and cardboard, plastic, etc.) allows us to be available for consultancy, usually in favor of the defense, in criminal trials relating to accidents at work.

Our approach consists in evaluating the event with a multidisciplinary technical team that allows us to thoroughly examine it, researching its root causes, in order to highlight all the elements that can be useful for the defense.

Why choose us?

The key role of the consultant

In the event of an accident, a party under investigation is interested in appointing a technical consultant who has specific expertise in the sector (work equipment in the case of RZ Solution), to prove a technical fact useful for the purposes of his defense to be presented to the judge. Over the years we have analyzed and managed accidents of different severity, even fatal, which occurred in different sectors (cardboard, glass, plastic, food, etc.).

The relationship between the various actors

The high technical profile of the defense technical consultant is essential to establish relationships of dialogue with the technicians of the magistrate and the judge, in order to address the various steps of the trial on the same level and not to overlook the elements that could be decisive for the correct analysis of the event by all interested parties.


LOTO Management Implementation

The analysis: As part of a project of one of our customers, a multinational company with several factories in Italy, aimed at implementing the procedures