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How We Intervene

When one of our customer users has in use work equipment of a certain age (normally before 1996) without CE marking because it was placed on the market before the entry into force of the Machinery Directive, to guarantee its safe use we carry out an analysis of the risks according to the minimum safety requirements listed in Annex V of Legislative Decree 81/08, so that both the possible aspects to be adapted and the characteristics that allow us to say that this equipment is compliant are highlighted.

After having carried out an on-site analysis inspection on the machine, to view it technically and to test its safety functions, we proceed with the drafting of a possible adjustments report based on the aforementioned requirements, which collects both the evidence found in the field and those deriving from from the analysis of the machine’s schemes to highlight the reliability of the control systems.

The proposed adjustments can be carried out independently by the customer or carried out under our coordination through trusted partners in a legally correct manner, in order to bring the equipment to complete adaptation.

Once all the adjustments have been carried out and tested by us, to complete the process we issue a declaration of compliance with Annex V of the Legislative Decree. 81/08 to our signature.

How impactful is an adjustment according to the requirements of Annex V?

Unlike a CE marking, the analysis and compliance with Annex V of Legislative Decree 81/08 is certainly milder, since, as the word itself says, the requirements to be checked are “minimum” safety requirements . And it couldn’t be otherwise for machines and/or equipment designed and built according to safety criteria from 30 or more years ago.

However, the main focus of the activity remains that of providing concrete safety and not simple bureaucracy, therefore the analysis is conducted in such a way that the proposed adjustments, while taking into account the age of the equipment, aim as far as technically possible to approach the as much as possible to the harmonized technical standards currently in force, so as to also satisfy the employer’s responsibility with regards to art.18 paragraph z of Legislative Decree 81/08, in terms of updating prevention measures.

Risk assessment and compliance with Annex V

Our activity not only verifies the compliance with the individual MSR of Annex V, but also provides evidence through a specific risk assessment of how they have been estimated and evaluated so as to verify that the relative risk has been adequately reduced.

These aspects appear relevant not only in the normal use and maintenance of the equipment, but also and above all when it is decided to sell this equipment or as a preliminary check to be carried out before purchasing used machines (which, we remember, cannot be sold as is in the absence of compliance with the above requirements).


LOTO Management Implementation

The analysis: As part of a project of one of our customers, a multinational company with several factories in Italy, aimed at implementing the procedures