The analysis:

One of our most important customers, active in the creation of customized automated loading and unloading systems for production machines in various sectors, following a partnership stipulated with a German multinational producing automatic squaring edgebanding machines for wooden panels, had the need to have a third party carry out the marking process according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC of the sets that were created every time they sold their machines as part of this collaborative relationship.

The solutions

RZ Solution S.r.l. supported the two manufacturers in identifying the best technical solutions for managing the interfaces between the machines making up the assemblies, which in some cases could even be made up of up to five different machines (a typical example is the assembly consisting of an automatic warehouse, panel saws flatbeds, loading automations, squaring edgebanding machine, unloading automations).

The implementation of the agreed solutions has brought the assemblies into the conditions of being able to be CE marked according to Directive 2006/42/EC by RZ Solution, which as manufacturer has provided the end user with both the Declaration of Conformity of the assembly and the relevant use and maintenance manual, drawn up on the basis of the documents produced by the individual manufacturers.

The results

The CE marking process as a manufacturer by RZ Solution provides the end user with both the means to satisfy a regulatory requirement (the CE marking of sets of machines) freeing himself from responsibility, and the opportunity to access any incentives ( such as Industry 4.0 and following) for which full compliance of the asset being financed with safety requirements is required.